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Latest Publications

Gough, Ian (2022)

Two scenarios for sustainable welfare: a framework for an eco-social contract.

Social Policy and Society, 21 (3). pp. 460-472. ISSN 1475-7464.

Translation by Kamimura, Yasuhiro (2023)

持続可能な福祉のための二つのシナリオ――環境社会契約のフレームワーク in『社会政策』(Social Policy and Labor Studies), Vol.14, No.3, pp.52-63.

 ミネルヴァ書房 (Minerva Shobo)

Gough, Ian (2022)

The case for Universal Basic Services (全民基本服务的理由).

Translated by Kingok, Kinglun and Wang, Jiading. Chinese Public Policy Review (In Press).

Gough, Ian (2021)

From welfare states to planetary wellbeing.

In: Béland, Daniel, Morgan, Kimberly J., Obinger, Herbert and Pierson, Christopher, (eds.) The Oxford Handbook of the Welfare State. Oxford Handbooks. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, 901 - 920. ISBN 9780198828389.

Gough, Ian (2021)

Two scenarios for sustainable welfare: new ideas for an eco-social contract.

Working papers (2021.12). European Trade Union Institute, Brussels, BE.

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